Re: Location of Lucy Fossil?

Mon, 3 Apr 1995 18:30:51 GMT

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>> This is all I could find, hope it helps...
>> BALL, Lucille Desiree (1911-1989)
>> US film and television comedienne
>> and producer, best known for her
>> television role as "LUCY".
>Bard, are you off your medication? Drinking too much coffee? Do you find
>yourself wandering about in the middle of the night? It seems to me people are
>trying to give you good information (open for "rational" debate) and this is
>how you choose to reply? Bard, I don't think this group is equiped to
>provide to you the "type" of help you seem to be asking for. Trolling and
>baiting (to incite a flame war) is much more productive on groups such as:

>Perhaps, there you may find your avenue to "vent" and purge your soul. I'm sure
>you will find "friends" and people who will admire you for your knowledge, wit
>and charm among those Alt.* groups. Anthropologist's are boring people Bard,
>much too boring for the likes of you. I see from your posts things like
>theory, facts, artifacts, and research have little value to you (when held next
>to your white-hot sense of humor they are as dim as fireflys). Please seek
>your adventure there, Bard. We will never miss you (we hardly notice each
>other) and I -- for one -- just can't keep up with your quick mind.
>Jay (jr9426 to you Bard)

Ah, the voice of reason...

So calm...

So logical...

So full of baloney....

Listen, pal, I'll vent my spleen wherever I damn well please
and if you get in the way it'll be all over your dandruff-speckled,
35 year old, mouse gray Hush Puppies.

Now back to your bean counting and nose picking before I start
flaming the little martinet of hero you think of yourself as
and show everyone the empty-suited, four ulcer neurotic
you really are.