Re: chimpanzee cannibalism -->research question

1 Apr 1995 01:17:03 GMT

In article <3leson$>, (Edmundo Olaivar) writes:
>I am a York University student: Ontario, Canada, taking a course in the
>study of Nature and Human Nature. I am posting this question in hope to
>facilitate my research question:
>Chimpanzee cannibalism. Why?
>My working theory:
>Chimpanzees are not real cannibals. Comsumption of other chimpanzee is to
>facilitate population control and not to satisfy hungry.
>This is my first time using this form of information gathering anot do not
>know what to expect. I hope I can gain some meaningful information in my
>first attempt to communicate through a usenet.
>gateway access provided by friend (below)

Hi. Does this happen often? It was my understanding that there was an
isolated incident of it in the Gombe group, by one chimp & her daughter,
who may have been abnormal in some way. I haven't heard or read any more
about it than this. You might try the Primate Talk ListServ for info.

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