Re: Serious thoughts about objectivity

Ravi Kumar Dasari (rdasari@CVIMAIL.CV.COM)
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The only possiblity of humman brain being dysfunctional is if we
move with the speed of light than the mass equation of the
bosons in fouth quater of our travel turn into energy making
mammals behave like you. for refrence turn to pg 486 on the
Relational theory of Quatum mechanics by Theodare Rossovelt


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>Ronald Kephart wrote:
>> In message <> Andrew Petto writes:
>> > [...] the famous work of the French anatomist Broca, who used comparative
>> > studies of male and female brains to answer the question, "Why are women less
>> > intelligent than men?" A social construction/composition of observations
>> > that we fully recognize now, but that was invisible to scientists and scholars
>> > in his time.
>> Another example is the recurring furor over "race" and "IQ" both of which are
>> social constructions/compositions masquerading as scientifically objectifiable
>> "things" in the real world. Another one of those "big ideas" we should be
>> working to get across.
>> Ron Kephart
>> University of North Florida
>Hurrah (?), and the point to discuss is...?
>What do you (or others who see the point) see the difference between
>"social constructions/compositions" and ""things" in the real world" as
>Drew Walker
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