HELP with Global Ethnoscape!!!

Aaron Hamilton (vern@IS2.DAL.CA)
Sat, 5 Oct 1996 10:08:08 -0300


I am new to Anthro-L, so please bear with me if I do anything wrong.
But, here's my dilemma...

I am taking a course called: Social Construction of Difference: Race,
Ethnicity, and Nation.
I have a paper proposaol due Monday, but all I have is a very broad topic:
the globa ethnoscape. That is to say, taking account of the global,
national, regional, and local influences which affect how an individual
negotiates his/her daily existance. I read an article (Bhachu) where the
author used this model to explain why Asian women who migrated to Britain
modified certain aspects of their "traditional" dowry, as their local
environment changed--especially their socio-economic status. Appadurai
talks about this, expecially the influence of mass media, in his paper on
the "global ethnoscape," where people's lives have as much of an imagined
element ("what could be," compliments of mass media) as they do a real and
substantive social element.

This idea of multi-faceted variables and reconstuction of the local
fascinates me as I also have an interest in virtual culture, a further
blending of these elements.

So, if anyone could suggest some way I can narrows this down for my paper
proposal (2 pages, plus annotated biblio) I would be eternally grateful.
Maybe someone has group(s) in mind whom I could study to discover the
kind of influence their adopted nations and their world have had on their
native practives. Anything woul be a help :) Thanks :)

Aaron Hamilton
Honours Anthropology
Dalhousie University
Halifax, N.S. Canada