Re: stop bashing Jesse S Cook III.

gene o'regon (gene@SQN.COM)
Sat, 5 Oct 1996 07:43:35 -0500

i'm mainly a lurker in anthro-L, my special interests being
evolutionary theory, the memes involved in current human evolution, and the

i'm interested in the various reactions to the contributions [?] of
mr. cook. it's a good test of any discipline -- how it responds to
half-baked ideas put forth in the guise of proper buzz-words and related
[somewhat] to contemporary issues.

in a well-grounded discipline, it should be fairly simple to point
out the fallacy of the disputed article, without excessive rhetoric. if it
seems like too much energy is being expended on mr cook, think of the good
you are doing for all the lurkers! this is the perfect socratic dialogue
setting, and still [after all these 2500 years] an excellent didactic tool.

ergo, my thanks to mr cook [!] for stimulating the socrating
teaching that is occuring almost daily in anthro-L. [eat your broccoli,
it's good for you!]
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