Re: Science Fiction

Aaron Fox (aaf@CCWF.CC.UTEXAS.EDU)
Tue, 22 Nov 1994 12:11:56 -0600

To make a friendly correction to Jeb Weisman's post on science fiction:

Chad OLIVER was chair and professor of anthro at the Univ of Texas, andalso
the author of numerous works of science fiction. He was a revered and
beloved teacher and scholar and friend. I TA'd for Chad near the end of
his life (he died last year, obit. was in the Anthro. newsletter). As an
anthropologist of Plains Indian culture he was enormously well regarded and
knew everybody in the business. He convinced many undergraduate students
to consider anthropology grad training, including a Native American student
the year I ta'd for him. He was one of the most engaging and liked
undergrad. lecturers on the UT campus. We miss him terribly around here.
He also taught a seminar on ethnography and science fiction.

Aaron Fox

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