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Daryl Barnett (dbarnett@CATS.UCSC.EDU)
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 10:36:49 -0800

At 08:50 AM 3/13/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Gerry Waite wrote:
>I think that one only has to look at juvenile crime statistics of late to
>realize that our cultural reality is being seriously warped by

>Donna Lonclos wrote:
Here's me:
>I just have a problem with blaming things like juvenile crime on tv.
>What about poverty? Abusive / inadequate home situations? I realize, of
>course, that not all children who grow up in those kinds of situations
>become criminals, but we have to look at the general economic and social
>situation in the US these days as responsible in at least some part (and
>more of a part, I think, than television) for the wholesale
>disenfranchisement and subsequent lashing out through crime and violence
>of a great many young people in this country.
> When state and federal governments refuse to adequately fund
>education, won't maintain minimum wage at a livable level, and cut
>preventative social programs in favor of punitive ones, is it any wonder??

And here's me:
So we move from blaming the mini-boob-toob to blaming the
large-toob-of-boobs for this problem? If we are blaming we are refusing to
take responsibility for our own actions. The solution to this and all
"problems" or matters of discontent starts with one person making a
difference with the way they live their own life. Those attempting to rise
from the basitions of poverty certainly have a stronger battle to fight to
do this, so I would think it is appropriate for those in more fortunate
realms to reach out and "mentor" such less fortunate individuals. Larger
handouts from the tube-of-boobs will never make the souls of these people shine.
Ah Chara ('sincerely' in gaelic),

Daryl Barnett
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