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Cecil R. Washington, UC Berkeley/Oberlin College (crw@LOOP.COM)
Wed, 6 Mar 1996 19:11:15 -0800

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FYI: Summer Living/Working/Traveling in Africa

RE: A F R I C A: Internships Work Projects Travel Study Camps

[ Application deadline-this month, end of March ]

=>Both the ON-LINE BROCHURE and ON-LINE APPLICATION are now available.

=>These will be sent to you by E-Mail on request.

E-Mail your request to:

"Africa Summer Info"<Xroads1996@aol.com> or

Thank you,

LaVerne & Cecil

Operation Crossroads Africa
Phone: 212-870-2106
M-F 10am-4pm EST


-10,000 students, professionals and others working for a better world and
stronger Africa since 1958
-Students usually arrange with their schools to receive credit (typically 5
to 10 units) for their summer experience

Operation Crossroads Africa sponsors several categories of projects:

a) community development; b) agricultural/farming/reforestation;
c) ARCHAEOLOGY-ANTHROPOLOGY/art; d) primary medicine/public health projects
e) wildlife/fisheries management [under development]; f) computer literacy
program, aimed at providing young adults with hands-on exposure to
computers, E-Mail and the Internet; g) African music/musical instruments:
the role of music in traditional and contemporary societies [under development]

All of our projects involve a component of physical work and most are
located in rural areas. Tentative project sites for Summer '96 are:

1) Brazil (Portuguese) To be announced
2) Botswana - Construction / Community Development
3) Gambia - Construction / Community Development
4) Ghana [3 Groups]-(a) Computer Training (b) Medical (c) Construction
5) Eritrea - Reforestation/Tree Planting / Teaching English
6) Ivory Coast (French) To be announced
7) Kenya - Medical / Health
8) Senegal - Environmental / Irrigation / Agricultural
9) South Africa - Construction / Community Development
10) Tanzania - Art / Humanities
11) Uganda - Construction / Teaching English / Tutoring
12) Zimbabwe - Renovation / Teaching English / Tutoring


PROGRAM DATES: End of June through mid-August (dates are approximate/
contact the office)

ORIENTATION: There will be a several-day Orientation in New York prior to


-Crossroads staff and alumni will give a hand to help participants raise the
necessary funds for travel and living expenses; the earlier
one applies, the better

-This is an INTENSE living, work and learning experience at the grassroots
level in Africa where some of the modern conveniences taken for
granted in Western countries, may be non-existent

You will "...experience Africa from the inside out," as one
participant described her experience

Project Director / Group Leader Positions:

If you are interested in applying as Project Director/Group Leader (minimum
age: 26 years old, with relevant skill expertise/group project work/travel;
earlier deadlines) -- please mail a very brief statement about your
interests and background to LaVerne Brown, to receive a Leader application.


Printed Applications / Photo Brochures to distribute at your location:

For fast responses to questions, or for photo brochures or printed
applications, please contact the Main Office:

O P E R A T I O N C R O S S R O A D S A F R I C A , I n c.

475 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10115-0050, Suite 831

212-870-2106 OFFICE / 212-870-2055 FAX / ocainc@aol.com

M-F 10am-4pm EST

Thank you!