Re: USENET posts that haunt you forever

Mr. E (jackechs@EROLS.COM)
Wed, 6 Mar 1996 21:20:46 -0500

At 11:44 AM 03/06/96 EST, Barbara Ruth Campbell wrote:

>Using some sort (they didn't say) of indexing program she had managed to
>find everything he had written and had pieced together all the tidbits of
>his life - everything from details about his mother's life to details
>of his sexual fantasies.

One of them is called Dejanews ... and it's not
the only one.

>The article then goes on to say that Digital Equipment Corporation's
>Alta Vista search program is designed to index all of 15,000 plus
>USENET bulletin boards. Since May 1995, Deja News, located in Austin, Texas
>has been offering full-text index of USENET so that, and here I quote:

They're not the only one and this far from a new thing on the Internet,
archives of information have been being made by different indentities from
before the Internet was the Internet.

>It would definitely freak me out.

Oh ... I don't know, I searched my address and nothing all to unforward came
from it. I mean none of my requests posted to showed up. As
for you, not very much there either ...

Deja News Results Query: campbell@I-2000.COM

12 Hits:

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1. 02/21 020 Buddhist monks on T.V. s talk.religion.buddhi
2. 02/18 020 Pictures of Buddha's Bir talk.religion.buddhi
3. 02/18 020 Pictures of Buddha's Bir alt.religion.buddhis
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>Can you imagine someone having the time and mental derangement to index
>Anthro-L in order to do a background search on one of us who might be

Anthro-L is not a gatewayed server ... thus your posting isn't on Deja News
... though I am surprised that your postings to an alt. newsgroup are there,
supposeably they couldn't or wouldn't database alt. groups.

>applying for a teaching position? The article says that is what rights
>groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation must consider. Weise
>says that you might post a poorly worded typo ladden post requesting
>info for a term paper and have the damn thing thrown in your face during
>a job interview!

That has already happened on Anthro-L without the help of Deja News or other
service for that matter. One of the subsribers to the list assigned their
class to observe the conversation on Anthro-L and to write a paper on it.
One of the enterprizing students instead of observing what the list was
about, asked the list to provide the information to them. The instructor
received this request to. Just belonging to this list you are posting to
potential employers ... who are the lurkers out there? Even an active
member might be a future employer or employee.

None of this is *new* news, however, the media in it's never ending effort
to make a dime over reporting the news likes little pieces like this cause
it grabs the casual Internet user's attention. There is a lesson here
though to be learned ... this is a marvelous piece of technology, but just
like any piece of tech it can and will be abused. If you really don't want
anything to come back to you in the future ... then don't post it. While
the media likes to stir things up with their half-baked half-computer
literate views they ain't reporting nuttin new. Any sysop along the highway
that this email bounces along to it's intended destination can capture it
and read it and save it for later. It's how the system works ... it was
built that way.

thank you for your time and space ... respectfully submitted,

Anthony Dean Dauer
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