Re: Power -Reply

Wed, 6 Mar 1996 09:23:43 -0700

>>> Lief Hendrickson
"A bombshell...It attacks the unexamined
assumptions of feminist discourse with shocking
candor and forces us to see our everyday world
from a fresh perspective" - Camille Paglia in _The
Warren Farrell's book has some interesting and
useful information in it. However, it does not, as
Paglia has (so predictably) said "examine the
assumptions of feminist discourse." It does adopt
an anti-feminist rhetoric as the vehicle for
presenting those facts. It is definitely not the
antifeminist spin that Farrell gives those facts that
makes his book valuable. That aspect of the book
is pure politics, not good social science. The data
on men ARE interesting and useful. The book's
attack on feminist thought is gratuitous.

richley crapo