Re: Titles and names

Elaine Hills (ehills@SOLEIL.ACOMP.USF.EDU)
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 12:12:35 -0500

I've found that titles don't so much get to me (as I'm still quite
young), but that people judge my age by my looks and treat me at the AGE
level they suppose I'm at, NOT my MATURITY level--which are two entirely
separate things. For instance, at sixteen years old, I'd flown around
the world enough to have the responsibility and sense to be a hostess in
a restuarant which also entitled me as front of the house manager on
duty. My
co-workers (wait staff, etc.) didn't respect me AT ALL as my position
required them to, because they were entirely intimidated by my age. It's
crazy and I guess I can see why people wouldn't want to give me respect
if maybe they're jealous of my position over theirs, but it's all part of
the game of life. To this day I have problems, even as a part-time bank
teller, getting common respect I feel I deserve...maybe when I LOOK fifty
I'll get some respect, I dunno.

On Sat, 2 Mar 1996, Mr. E wrote:

> Goes on outside academia as well ... here I am thirty years old, degreed,
> and maticulating my Masters ... just a lowly Functional Applications
> Analyst. Over ten years of experiance, the degree, and I'm titled at the
> level of recent grad. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I was promoted to Senior Functional
> Applications Analyst! Skipping two rungs in the ole corporate ladder on the
> way too. Finally a title that fits my level of experience ... 'course if I
> had started at my company right out of college instead of serving the
> country for seven years they wouldn't have to kick me up the rung, I'd be
> there already or higher. Have a great weekend!
> At 03:51 PM 03/02/96 -0500, Iain Barksdale wrote:
> >>As a 30 year-old assistant prof, there are
> >>lots of potential power issues relevant to university life: I look 18, I'm
> >>at the bottom of the tenure totem pole
> >
> >Boy, can I relate to this. Although I'm male and 28, I often get treated
> >as a student around the campus.