Blood-letting and human sacrifice

Barbara Ruth Campbell (CAMPBELL@ZODIAC.BITNET)
Fri, 17 Jun 1994 11:16:03 -0400

You know, Dan Foss might be building an argument that someone looking for
a timely dissertation could do on the recent press coverage of child
sacrifice by alleged Satanic cults throughout the U.S. and Great Britain.
Anyone studying Satanism on the list? Has anyone seen any evidence that
bodies have been discovered and if not has anyone read of documentation
that hospital records of births do not match demographic census data
along down the road, ex. 1 million babies in 1990 should result in
just under 1 million 2 year olds in 1992, that sort of thing.

How many groups accuse other groups of human sacrifice, particularly
child sacrifice? What about beliefs about fairies stealing infants-
changlings? Do we as anthropologists contribute to the knowledge
about such phenomenon or do we not contribute enough to make our
field considered essential in police work or social policy?
Dispelling fears about evil cults might be a worth investigating
unless, of course, such sacrifice is going on and then what?