marketing of anthropology

Tibor Benke (benke@SFU.CA)
Fri, 17 Jun 1994 02:13:31 -0700

As usual, I am a week or more behind in my e-mail. I have been following
the threads on the lack of jobs, the need for better marketing*, and
affirmative action and soforth. Not suprisingly, I find the remarks from
Daniel Foss sum up the True Situation the best.

But I've been wondering.... If Uncle Karl was right in saying "[we?] have
explained the world in various ways, the point, however, is to change it"
and if we consider ourselves to be scientists (whatever that means) if only
social, couldn't we come up with some better alternatives based on our
'knowledge' of the history of the division of labour and wealth?

Can applied anthropology become revolutionary praxis?

* Once I took a class in Marketing at the British Columbia Institute of
Technology, (similar to MIT it's not) and got literally laughed out of
class when I asked whether there might be some ethical constraints against
applying Maslow's hiearchy of human needs to selling. I guess they could
see that I was posessed by the donrilliwanna spirit.

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