JUNK mail

Wed, 15 Jun 1994 16:12:26 EST

I'm aghast, I'm complimented, I'm confused . . . In today's mail I received
a solicitation to subscribe to the LIMBAUGH letter (12 monthly issues of
exactly the protection I need to protect me me against the Clintons, the
skunks & Scoundrels in congress and the liberal media): paraphrased from
the flyer.

Hugh . . . shame on you, did you sell the anthro-l mailing list! (jest).

Anyone else get one of these monstrosities of freedom of speech and high
entertainment - that (horrors to say) actually make some kind of
reasonable sense once every few months or so (such as the idea that the
FEDS shouldn't jump the interest rate just to keep people unemployed for
a Marxist defined `industrial reserve army' to keep wages down.

John O'Brien