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Patricia Clay (pclay@WHSUN1.WH.WHOI.EDU)
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 11:39:23 -0400

> >From: (Jon Radel)
> >Newsgroups: soc.history.war.misc,comp.infosystems.gopher,soc.roots
> >Subject: U.S. National Archives Puts Gopher Server on Internet
> >Date: 9 Jun 1994 16:53:03 -0400
> >Organization: National Archives and Records Administration, College
> >Park, MD, USA
> WASHINGTON D.C. The National Archives has made available an
> Internet Gopher server that provides key information relating to
> the National Archives, including descriptions of facilities
> nationwide; information on agency holdings; publications and
> general information leaflets; and some Federal records
> regulations. The Gopher is part of a pilot project to make
> information about the agency and its holdings available
> electronically.
> The goal of the pilot project is to provide a unified
> presentation and method of access to National Archives
> information for Internet users. The Gopher menu structure, which
> will be expanded as new items become available, is designed to
> reflect the breadth of the National Archives organization. The
> Gopher is to serve government agency personnel, educators,
> librarians, historians, genealogists, researchers, job-seekers,
> and members of the public. Future plans call for a bulletin
> board presentation for dial-in access to the Gopher menu.
> The Gopher is an excellent introduction to the holding of the
> National Archives for first-time users. Researchers can access
> information on some of the most widely-used collections,
> including the Nixon Presidential Materials, Ansel Adams
> photographs from the Still Picture Branch, captured German sound
> recordings, electronic records, and an index of selected census
> records. Research questions can be directed by e-mail to
> Text-based information can be accessed with a Gopher client by
> connecting to the address This information,
> together with future additions of hypertext and multimedia
> documents, can also be found on the WorldWideWeb (WWW), using a
> client such as Mosaic, at
> The National Archives is using the GN server for the Gopher and
> HTTP protocols, running on an i486 microcomputer. The freeware
> for the UNIX operating system was written by John Franks at
> Northwestern University. The system administrator is Jon Radel
> of Synetics Inc.
> For additional PRESS information call the National Archives
> Public Affairs staff at (202) 501-5525. For more technical
> information, please e-mail
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