Fri, 10 Jun 1994 17:13:06 -0500

This may seem like a simplistic solution but here's what i do when
i send a paper out for review:

on the bottom of the form i have a slot that says:

PLEASE RETURN TO [address] by [DATE]
IF YOU CAN NOT COMPLETE THE REVIEW BY [usually two months from the
time i think that they will receive it] please SEND IT BACK TO ME,
BY [one month after they would have received it].

This same information is repeated in the letter. This allows reviewres
an easy out, and gets me my reviews in less than x years where x >1.

Granted that I am only doing this for a small volume of papers, but it
seems to be working very well. The problem is getting the promised papers
to begin with!

so why don't journals do the same things?

Bonnie Blackwell