grad school-Taiwan

Fri, 10 Jun 1994 14:54:19 -0600

John McCreery writes about going to graduate school in Taiwan.
Believe me, I looked into the programs overseas, as well. And
there are some good ones. And in about 10 years I could save
up enough money to get there. And I have friends in faraway
places who are trying to talk me into coming to their neck of
the woods to go to school (Scotland, Hong Kong, etc.). And
several people keep telling me to try Harvard. If one believed
in omens....Leave no option unturned (also known as the shotgun

All suggestions will be seriously considered and tried (before
hanging). A lot of very creative, good ideas have been posted
so far. And a lot of information that helps explain a few things.
I appreciate it, even ones not meant to "help" me personally have
been very helpful.

Lee Bradley