jobs and hiring practices

Tue, 7 Jun 1994 00:32:28 EST

In response to private inquiries to women academics as to if my posts to
Anthro-l are interprettable as `vile', `mean spirited' and an attack on
women . . . I have been advised by a very good female academic and friend
in Canada that the initial posts can be easily interpretted as `mean
spiritied attacks' on women . . . but that in further contacts I remain
open to discussion and not at all mean spirited or attacking.

As such . . . then here is the `crow' . . . based on the language that I
have used in posts to anthro-l on the topic of jobs and hiring, and based
on the emotional responses that have been generated in me and in others
. . . as well as critiques from women who I very much respect . . . I have
to acknowledge that I've said it wrong.

How I can say it right, I don't genuinely don't know . . .

But, for the record . . . I apologize, I acknowledge that European descent
males have discriminated against people on the basis of gender, ethnicity,
race, age, and God knows what else. I also acknowledge that European and
other descent females have done the same thing; and, acknowledge that often
this is a matter of process and pressure rather than intent on everyone's

To those who have been offended . . . you have my abject regrets . . .
and attempts to rectify my use of language with specific clarifications.

John O'Brien