jobs and hiring

Mon, 6 Jun 1994 21:48:56 EST

I would like to note that I have received several messages implying that
I am making attacks and/or `vile' attacks against women by pursuing the
tenor of the discussion that I am involved with.

For the record I want to publicly deny such charges, and note several
1). I publicly apologize if anyone has interpretted my direction
as an attack against women or an attempt to denigrate or otherwise
undermine the female gender identity in any way.
2). The entire thrust of my arguments are that:
a). Discrimination against anyone on the basis of role-
identity (gender, ethnicity, race, or age and so forth)
is not justifiable and must be eliminated to accord with
principles of inclusion for all, freedom of choice, empowerment,
and the value of equal opportunity.

I find any form of discrimination agains women to be untenable and morally
wrong, just as I find discrimination against males, ethnic minorities, the
handicapped and senior citizens to we untenable and morally wrong.

b). Postmodernism in any form is based on a primary assumption
of inherent meaninglessness, construction of truth and
social reality, and basic nihilism . . . including a
secondary assumption of situation ethics and situation

3). Radical feminism of some, but not all varieties, argues that
all males (therefore me, since my gender identity is male) are
responsible for the domination of females . . . and therefore
it is defensible to discriminate against males to rectify past
wrongs . . . a position that I do not agree with, and would
argue with on the basis of the principle of equal opportunity.

4). There are increasing numbers of incidents in which empowerment
based on gender (or age, or race, or ethnicity or whatever you
have) are being taken advantage of as powerplays by unscrupulous
people . . . to the detriment of others. It is my opinion that
such incidents are morally indefensible regardless of the
categorization or ideology of the perpetrator.

I would like to point out publicly that I find discriminatory practices
against women to be morally and ethically unjustifiable and indefensible, and
that I find prejudicial remarks based on gender to be equally so (and I have
said that publicly in my private consulting career to males who have made such
remarks in private business and in academia).

I would also like to point out that I find claims that my arguments are
attacks of anykind on anyone, because of their gender or race or ethnic
background to be personally offensive . . . misguided and uninformed . . .

Finally, for those that may take the position that my remarks on anthro-l
are an attack on women in general . . . if you will please repost a quotation
of whatever remark that I made to me publicly or privately, I will make my
best effort to explain my meaning and to publicly apologize for phrasing any
point of view or any remark in a way that implies or insinuates an attack on
any gender, or other social category . . . that has never been my intent, nor
the meaning that I understood behind the line of discussion that I have
been engaged in.

I will not, however, alter my basic theoretical and ideological premis
that discrimination of any form, against any person is morally or ethically
justifiable . . . including unspoken discrimination based on quota systems,
preferential hiring practices, or other such criteria.

John O'Brien

PS that is morally or ethically UNJUSTIFIABLE . . . refer to line three of
the last paragraph of this post . . .

". . . discrimination of any form, against any person is morally or ethically
UNJUSTIFIABLE . . . including unspoken discrimination based on quota systems,
preferential hiring practices, or other such criteria."