TECH: EMAIL PROBLEMS (was: personal)

Anthony Dauer (jackechs@MAIL.EROLS.COM)
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 12:49:24 -0500

A clarification note ... if Bob's server isn't receiving eMails it isn't
receiving eMails. LISTservs have no additional technology that allows them
to override any errors on the server that it is being sent to. My first
suggestion is to look and make sure you entered Bob's address literally the
way it is on messages you have received. Second, if you've crossed your t's
and dotted you i's then your just going to have to be patient and retry
later. Your server or his server is either working at this time or not ...
the tech envolved is just not as perfect as we would like it to be. The
best hardware with the best support fails no and then.

At 09:23 AM 01/05/96 -0700, Martin Cohen wrote:
>Sorry to use the list for a personal message, but I have made several
>attempts to e-mail Bob Graber, and it seems my server isn't recognizing
>his. Sorry. Perhaps I will give it a try in a few days.


Anthony Dauer

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