Re: Work & Use of Space

Anthony Dauer (jackechs@MAIL.EROLS.COM)
Wed, 3 Jan 1996 21:52:35 -0500

What about the concept of career versus work as well. Is this uniquely
American? In case you don't know what I'm referring to ... there is a
concept amongst us 9 to 5'rs that there is two forms of employment. First,
is defined as work or job ... you go there you do something you get paid.
Second, is a career ... you like what your doing so much you'd do it for
free ... luckily you don't have to.

At 06:23 PM 01/03/96 -0600, Fred Pearl wrote:
>I'd like to get some comments on the concept of "work". People work
>to provide food, shelter, and clothing for themselves and their
>dependents. People also work to procreate and raise children. In
>fact, it's been argued that people get food , shelter, and clothing
>in order to procreate and raise children, but that's another topic.
>In the US, people claim to sometimes work for their health. Others
>attempt to become wealthy so that they can have more leisure time to
>vacation, etc.


Anthony Dauer

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