new 14C and other dating methods listserver (fwd)

Bonnie Blackwell, x 3332 (bonn@QCVAXA.ACC.QC.EDU)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 18:27:48 EDT

A new Listserv mailing list, C14-L, has been established for
discussion of radiocarbon dating and related issues in fields
connected with scientific dating using radioisotopes. To
subscribe, send e-mail to
with the following content:


where "Your Name" is your first and last name.

The journal RADIOCARBON has also established a World-Wide-Web
server to provide information about publications, links to
other Internet-accessible information relevant to 14C research,
announcements, and limited reprinting of material from back
issues. The URL is:

For further information, contact David Sewell,

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