Of pain and courage

John Ford (John.Ford@JCU.EDU.AU)
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 09:08:19 +1000

Well, look who is calling the kettle black Alysa.

I have not suggested that manners be left outside the net. What I have
voiced concern at is the excuse some use when leaving nets that the
langiage is too hot - that 'we' are behaving like 'children'. That is
both patronising and pateralistic. It is also indicates the certidude of
some high moral ground.

In the messy world of human and social relations inevitably emotions boil
over. To simply run away to escape the flame is a cop-out -nothing is
achieved.(To overcome the egotistical zealotes I use the delete button).

Australia at the moment is negotiating a process of reconciliation
between Indigenous and non-indigenous populations. A commitment to
consensus, co-operation and dialogue - an agreement to agree - is the
basis on which that process is based. In other words - one does not get
up and leave the table because the evidence of dipossession and
atrocities gets a little hot to handle and our (read white) xenophobia
towards Aboriginal people is expose for the racist attitude that it is.

And yes, it is painful - and yes, its takes courage which should not be
trivilized as 'backbone' (a word of your choosing not mine).

"To exercise power costs effort abd demands courage". Nietzsche -the
wanderer and his shadow # 251

john ford