John Ford (John.Ford@JCU.EDU.AU)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 08:09:22 +1000

Right-on Michael.

Whilst I am not advocating that we need to consistently roar like a
wounded rhinoceros to get our point across in delivering our posts But to
engage the net in barely an audible whisper with political correctness
attached because 'we' are not allow to upset anyone denies one of the most
powerful human traits - emotions. And damit some of the stuff - a lot of
the stuff - that is discussed is emotional.

I too initially shuddered at the intensity of the debates, but instead of
chucking the towel in, stuck it out. I too learnt that a bit of
background research to back up argumernts diffuses the sting - though b
y no means is it an anti-vaccine.

While I am a 'older' (mature aged student) it has been of interest to me
that the younger lot object to louynd and noisy debate (a lot of times
that just object to debates) but on Friday afternoon in the beer-garden
with the band playing at full throttle noise seems to have little bearing
on the activity they are engaged in.

OK so volume does not equate with manners - but it does make me wonder
that this objecting to vigorous and emotial debate is a subtle means of
escaping the effort involved in understanding 'what is being said'.
Besides, being told off by an Aboriginal Elder(female) pales the debates on
this net to zero.

john ford