Counterinsurgency, etc.

Wed, 25 Jan 1995 14:17:45 -0800


As I pointed out to Janis in a private e-mail (which I should have sent to
Anthro-l), you are correct about the scope of Project Camelot in a sense. The
project was originally designed to begin in Latin America and be extended to
other countries in other parts of the world. However, it never got past Chile
before being cancelled by the DOD. As to Peace Corps involvement, I don't

Horowitz's book is an edited volume containing essays about Project Camelot by
several people, as well as a few documents or parts of documents.

Another good source about the Vietnam war era and involvement of anthros in SE
Asia is Wakin, Eric (1992) _Anthropology Goes to War: Professional Ethics &
Counterinsurgency in Thailand_. Madison, WI: U. of Wisconsin Center for SE
Asian Studies, Monograph No. 7.

I sent this reference to the whole net earlier this week and know it reached
anthro-l because I got an acknowledgement. But I don't know if people actually
received it because, for reasons unfathomable to me, I never get my own
messages back from anthro-l.

I have my own copy of Horowitz but others might be interested in a synopsis. I
am curious about the other paper so if you find it without too much trouble the
citation would be appreciated.

Phil Young