Re: Is This True?

Richard Spear (rspear@PRIMENET.COM)
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 06:45:19 PST

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> Hi,
> I'm a student in the Hebrew university in Jerusalem (M.A. in
> Anthropology). I have a course about the Internet, and I have to write
> a brief paper about it.
> only today I noticed the disscusion about the rape subject.
> I find it very interesting, but I missed the point it started.
> Do you remember how it started?
> Was it about Bosania?
> Who wrote the first letter?

> Any answer can help!
> thank you,
> Avigail.

Perhaps someone could refer Avigail to teh archives that Danny Yee set up? I
never saved the address.

Regards, Richard