Re: Marius Johnson/Danny Yee/ Richard Spear

Jacqueline Craig (jacqueline.craig@STONEBOW.OTAGO.AC.NZ)
Sun, 15 Jan 1995 14:44:33 +1300

>Ruby Rohrlich wrote:
>> The rape of the Bosnian women seems to be an example of a thorough
>> integration of racism/sexism, as was also the case of Bangladeshi women
>> some years ago. Violating women is practically always involved with
>> "cleansing."
>Marius Johnson replied:
>> What is
>> suprising is that the writer generalizes "cleansing" to *all* rapes
>> ("violating women").
Danny Yee wrote:
>Are you blind, or just being wilfully stupid? Ruby did *not* say that
>"cleansing" is associated with all rapes; she said that rape is almost
>always associated with ethnic "cleansing". A => B is very different
>to B => A.

Don't you think all this name calling has gone far enough? It's beginning
to get pretty childish and rather pathetic. I think Marius just chose one
way of reading Ruby's sentence, which when you look at it *objectively* is
perfectly possible (although not the way I'd read it). Why castigate the
guy (am I using that word ok?) for a simple mistake in reading, not logic?

Richard Spear wrote:
>Rape is an effort to obliterate another - a "cleansing" in just the same way
>that one group
>tries to remove another. I don't believe that it is a search for "perverted
>pleasure" as another poster said ... it is a violent, aggressive and
>distructive act, meant to degrade and belittle.

while I certainly wouldn't disagree that rape is violent, aggressive and
destructive etc., I would certainly question whether it is always a
cleansing. I think that most rapes are about power, revenge and degrading
someone, or getting your pleasure no matter what, but I doubt most involve
any thought of "removing" someone either symbolically or physically.
Obviously the "groups" referred to are men and women, but do all rapes
involve those two groups or are some simply an attempt by someone to gain
power over someone else and for a man it's easiest to gain power over a
woman? Just some thoughts. Jacqui