Re: Preserving the accumulated wisdom of anthro-l

Franz Aubrey Metcalf (fmetcalf@CRL.COM)
Sat, 14 Jan 1995 17:13:57 -0800


Having asked the recent question, "What now to call 'primitives'?",
and having copied and cleaned up (nearly) all the answers, I would
be happy to post it back to the list, or to send it somewhere for
html doctoring. With my plain vanilla unix account I have never
penetrated into the secrets of the Web, so I don't believe I can
edit it in that way.

I wouldn't be surprised if others, having asked questions on anthro-l,
have compiled similar files of responses. Am I correct, others?

Franz Aubrey Metcalf That ol' U of Chicago
But now happily dissertating in Los Angeles