Announcing: Seeker1's CyberAnthropology Page

Thu, 12 Jan 1995 00:40:57 +0000

Announcing a new WWW page for your viewing pleasure:

Seeker1's CyberAnthropology page!

CyberAnthropology is cyborg anthropology given a DMT hit from Terrence McKenna.
It's what Malinowski would have done if he had Mondo 2000 to read.
It's a humanities refresher for the posthuman!

Always remember to SMI-2-LE.

Still in the preliminary stages, but aimed at the cyberanthropologist
interested in computer-mediated communications (CMC), postmodernity,
hypermedia, modern primitivism, hyperreality, virtual communities, virtual
reality, cyberculture, technoculture, and the changing landscape of the
human interface with technology.

Please: send me your essays, if you're a prospective cyberanthropologist.
Send me GIFs or MPEGs or AUs you think might spice the place up. Tell me of
links you think would be kool for my Cyberanthropology page. Most of all,
tell me what you think of the stuff that's on there now (mostly my essays.)

The URL is

Come check it out!


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