Re: Is racism worse than sexism? Your choice of evils

Marius Johnston (mariusj@NETCOM.COM)
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 22:04:27 -0800

Message 16/56 From Ruby Rohrlich Jan 11, 95 05:24:56 pm
The rape of the Bosnian women seems to be an example of a thorough
integration of racism/sexism, as was also the case of Bangladeshi women
some years ago. Violating women is practically always involved with
"cleansing." Ruby Rohrlich


I find the last sentence an amazing generalization. It *is* true that the
Bosnian muslim women (let us not forget that there are at least Muslim,
Serbian, and Croat Bosnians) were raped for the purpose of maximum humiliation.
It was hoped that they would be forced to have a Serbian child. What is
suprising is that the writer generalizes "cleansing" to *all* rapes
("violating women"). This is incorrect. All rapes are not political.
Most rapists do not care about the consequences of their act.
Although I have no ready stats, rape is most often perverted pleasure. There
is no political act in *their* mind. This brings us to the question of what
defines any behavior pattern under scrutiny, the motivations of the
participants or the viewer's thoughts about the act?

In any event I stand ready to be corrected over my opposition to the
generalization: :"Violating women is practically always involved with

Marius Johnston