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> The appended announcement may be of interest to members of
> the DEVEL-L list. Note that the program will initially
> focus on Southeast Asia. If you have questions, please contact
> the e-address at the end of the announcement.
> The Council on International Educational Exchange is introducing
> a global volunteer information network designed to serve the
> community of higher education worldwide. INUV, or International
> Network for University Volunteers, accessible to anyone on the
> Internet, will link university faculty with institutions needing
> volunteer services. The project is launched in partnership with
> the Division of Higher Education of UNESCO.
> The heart of the network is comprised of two databases. One
> contains information on volunteer recruits including highest
> academic degree and professional experience; the other lists
> position openings including field of expertise, skills required
> and subsidy provided. It is anticipated that volunteers will
> mainly be faculty and administrative staff who are retired or on
> a sabbatical leave.
> INUV was announced at CIEE's 47th Annual Conference in Vancouver
> by Edith Katz, Assistant Executive Director for External Affairs
> of CIEE. "The pilot program will be restricted to faculty volun-
> teer listings from North America and teaching opportunities at
> universities in Southeast Asia. After an evaluation and the
> appropriate adjustments, INUV will be expanded to other regions,"
> said Katz.
> Any accredited, chartered or governmentally authorized institu-
> tion offering post-secondary degrees is eligible to post open-
> ings. Because it is on the Internet, INUV is easily accessible
> to individuals, international education offices, university
> libraries, emeriti offices, and university officials. INUV is
> information-based only, so the processing of applications is
> handled by the host institution.
> The Council on International Educational Exchange, established in
> l947, is a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to develop-
> ing and supporting international educational exchange as a means
> to build understanding and peaceful cooperation among peoples of
> the world. With a membership of over 250 educational institu-
> tions, it administers a variety of study, work and travel pro-
> grams for students and educators in 33 countries on six conti-
> nents, and operates an international network of travel services.
> For further information on International Network for University
> Volunteers write to CIEE, ATTN: INUV, 205 East 42nd Street, New
> York, NY 10017; or Internet: JLEE@CIEE.ORG