Re: flames/what i've learned

Wed, 4 Jan 1995 15:47:02 EST

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Suggest, please Jim, you reread Hugh's welcome-to-the-list
blurb re use of list materials. Sanitized or not (you mean
perhaps by deleting author's names..?), you'd still need/want
permission from each sender. Legal requirement or not, it's
standard academic courtesy.

We went through this already on the religion list (religion@harvarda)
and the legal opinion of the Harvard University lawyer was that
use without permission of materials from the religion list was
a copyright infringement. Courts in different countries would have
varying interpretations, of course. Nonetheless, the ethics of
field research generally require "informed consent" from research
participants (if it can be obtained, and in this instance it can be
and I really think should be).

Can you talk about what you've learned from this "thread" in any
class you might teach somewhere in the future. Of course, you bet.
Be my guest. May you distribute ("sanitized" or no) these postings
as hand-outs in your anticipated class....? Suggest you ask first.
It's good form and you want to teach your students good research
procedures by your own practice...don't you?

Best wishes,
Maureen Korp, PhD
University of Ottawa