Re: ethnomusicology

Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU)
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 12:23:49 +1000

> A colleague and I are interested in any suggestions as to good introductory
> books on ethnomusicology that come with a tape of music,

> Again, what we are really interested in are intro books that focus not on a
> single culture, but instead give an overview of the field, methods, theories,
> and introduce students to the range of world musical traditions.

I have the book and CDs of _Worlds of Music_

%T Worlds of Music
%S An Introduction to the Music of the World's People
%E Jeff Todd Titon
%I Macmillan
%C New York
%D 1992
%O hardcover, 2nd edition, three CDs, b&w illustrations, index
%G ISBN 0-02-872602-2 (0-02-872605-7 CDs)
%P xxiv,469pp

I haven't read it all yet (your message prompted me to move it back to
the top of my reading pile), but I've really enjoyed what I have looked
at so far. It has 8 in depth studies of particular traditions, rather
than trying to cover everything. It also has chapters on doing
your own local fieldwork and is obviously designed for use as a text.
The book was $50 (Australian) and the three CDs $26; they will be
cheaper in the US.

Danny Yee.