Re: ethnomusicology

michaela pohl (mpohl@INDIANA.EDU)
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 20:21:32 -0500

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, ERIC SILVERMAN wrote:

> A colleague and I are interested in any suggestions as to good introductory
> books on ethnomusicology that come with a tape of music, i.e., that can form
> the basis (or the essentials) of theory, ethnographic discussion, and
> representative music from around the world (the colleague, by the way, is
> not an anthropologist, but someone in the school of music).

There are a couple of ethnomusicology textbooks for undergraduates out
there, but i've not met any one in the field entirely satisfied with what
is there. Do check out however "Worlds of Music" coedited by Mark Slobin
and Jeff Todd Titon, comes with cd or cassette. Slobin has a good
introduction there for "how to do ethnography with music as a topic." The
books covers regions, and isn't very helpful regarding theory or
discipline historiography. For that you will need to brouse the Society
for Ethnomusicology journal. For your own reading, (I take it you are an
anthropologist) check out also Merriam's "Anthropology of Music,"
(somewhat dated, but contains good historiography for an undergraduate).
Also be on the lookout for Garland Press's soon-to-be released multivolume
encyclopedia on Ethnomusicology. Well, good luck

Frank Gunderson

> Again, what we are really interested in are intro books that focus not on a
> single culture, but instead give an overview of the field, methods, theories,
> and introduce students to the range of world musical traditions.
> But, any suggestions along with way would be great.
> (Oh, the inclusion of actual recordings is very important!)
> Thanks,
> Eric Silverman.