Re: Cambridge Univ. Press

Mon, 19 Feb 1996 15:37:07 -0800

But, see, CUP bowed to a *perception* of a terrorist threat based on the
sketchy assumptions of one (perhaps a few) employee of the press in
Athens, without first investigating the *real* nature of any potential
threat. Several academics, Greek and those who work in Greece, have come
forward after CUP's actions to denounce their pre-emptive assumptions
about the situation in Greece--many of them found such assumptions
insulting to Greece and the Greek people. The full scoop on what's
happened is in the H-SAE archives, I'm sure...
Donna Lanclos

On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Mr. E wrote:

> As a former naval service member ... terrorist fears are legitimate
> concerns. I've read the daily posts when I was assigned to a ship and have
> read more indepth reports while working in the Pentagon. With Salmon
> Rushdie underground for the last few years this shouldn't be such a
> surprise. While it is unfortunate that Cambridge University Press has
> decided to bow to terrorism, it's the terrorists who have censored not the
> publisher. There are plenty of other publishers out there who may be in a
> better position to publish the book.
> At 01:17 PM 02/19/96 -0600, Marsha Jane Brofka wrote:
> >Rather than attempt to present a complete account of the
> >situation (and probably muddle most of the details), I'll refer you to
> >H-SAE. There, you can find statements from CUP, as well as
> >Herzfeld/Gundeman's statements and letters of resignation. I'm pretty
> >sure that you can gopher to the H-SAE archives, but I don't know the
> >address offhand. (Perhaps someone else out there can help with this?)
> >
> >Marsha Brofka
> >
> thank you for your time and space ... respectfully submitted,
> Anthony Dean Dauer
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