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Mon, 19 Feb 1996 15:05:15 -0500

As a former naval service member ... terrorist fears are legitimate
concerns. I've read the daily posts when I was assigned to a ship and have
read more indepth reports while working in the Pentagon. With Salmon
Rushdie underground for the last few years this shouldn't be such a
surprise. While it is unfortunate that Cambridge University Press has
decided to bow to terrorism, it's the terrorists who have censored not the
publisher. There are plenty of other publishers out there who may be in a
better position to publish the book.

At 01:17 PM 02/19/96 -0600, Marsha Jane Brofka wrote:
>Rather than attempt to present a complete account of the
>situation (and probably muddle most of the details), I'll refer you to
>H-SAE. There, you can find statements from CUP, as well as
>Herzfeld/Gundeman's statements and letters of resignation. I'm pretty
>sure that you can gopher to the H-SAE archives, but I don't know the
>address offhand. (Perhaps someone else out there can help with this?)
>Marsha Brofka

thank you for your time and space ... respectfully submitted,

Anthony Dean Dauer

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