Re: Iroquois and the Constitution -Reply

Elaine Hills (ehills@SOLEIL.ACOMP.USF.EDU)
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 22:01:13 -0500

Richley brings up an excellent point. As anthropologists, are we more
concerned with American society's political correctness, or the desires
of the culture at hand--American Indians/Native Americans?


On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Richley Crapo wrote:

> >>> Mr. E <jackechs@EROLS.COM> 02/07/96
> 08:06pm >>>
> Ruby, That's Native Americans not "American
> Indians". I wish you'd follow your own dogma,
> ------
> The last pole I saw of American Indians, about half
> said they preferred the term "American Indians"
> and a much smaller group preferred "Native
> Americans". On what basis do you think we should
> reject the most preferred term of the group in
> question to prioritize some other term like "Native
> American".
> Richley Crapo