Re: Linguistic issues and anthropology

Mr. E (jackechs@EROLS.COM)
Sun, 11 Feb 1996 22:44:43 -0500

OH ... by the way, you can't lurk a private email sent to Ruby ... so if you
were assuming that the question wasn't asked cause you didn't read it ... oh
well, never mind I have enough of talking to brick walls for one weekend.
Twos company ... threes a crowd.

At 10:20 PM 02/11/96 -0500, jane m harmon wrote:
>>But Rubster ... this is the very question I asked you that you ignored and
>>later labeled in your lofty wisdom as feminist-baiting. <snip lots of
>>obnoxious trash>
>>respectfully submitted,
>>Anthony Dauer
>I've lurked on this list for a month or two now, and all's I can say is -
>respectfully submitted, MY ASS. I join the crowd fleeing this list. -- Jane
thank you for your time and space ... respectfully submitted,

Anthony Dean Dauer

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