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Interesting and well presented argument. A question though, Lt Col or Maj
(Ret) Connie Reeves (depending on the officer it's never an insult to refer
to them by a higher rank) didn't mention that the 9 (?) were male or female.
I am not personally acquainted with this case, but working first as an
assistant legal officer onboard a United States naval vessel and then
working in the Congressional and Correspondence Branch of the Office of the
Chief of Naval Operations I have seven years of experience with the
procedures involved in a naval investigation. Since there is a
physiological difference between men and women, I am willing to make an
educated guess based on that experience that the pilots involved in the test
(with the exception of the Commanding Officer) were a mix of male and female
(considering the limited number of female jet pilots this most likely was
only one), not just male pilots as you assume.

So ... am I to understand from the first part of your argument that logical
fallacies are actually fallacies themselves and should not be taken into
consideration when analysing an argument? If so, then it would work out for
you ... the first half of your essay is clearly an example of the logical
fallacy tu quoque (Literarlly "you to" ... A retort to an accusation: You
are guilty of the very misdeeds or mistakes you attribute to me; it takes
one to know one.

However, regardless of this you do make a very well thought out argument
with supportive references. Now that's what civil discourse is all about.

At 11:45 AM 02/12/96 +0900, John McCreery wrote:
> According to the Navy, there was no way that Kara
>Hultgreen could have avoided that crash. In a
>simulation of the crash, only one pilot in her squadron
>was able to avoid it, out of about 9 (?) who tried it, and
>that person was her commander. None of her peers,
>some more experienced than her, could do so. She only
>simple appeal to authority. She explains the simulation
>test in which only one of 9 (?) male pilots survived the
>John McCreery
>February 12, 1996
thank you for your time and space ... respectfully submitted,

Anthony Dean Dauer

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