Re: Adjuncts + part timers, etc

Kathy Heldenbrand (heldenbk@GROVE.UFL.EDU)
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 22:14:27 -0500

At 2:25 PM 2/9/96, Dianne Bock wrote:
... I would recommend that both graduate and
>undergraduate students explore the options for applied work in their
>specific area(s) of interest to get an idea of the opportunities
>available (and the need for advance planning) in the event that they
>are unable to find work teaching...

Pardon my editing Ms. Bock's reply, but it's only to save space

I am attending the Anthropology graduate program at the University of Fl,
Gainesville. My interests in Anthropology came about with my work with
resettling refugees here in the US. I looked at the individuals who were
also employed at the agency and I found people with degrees in social work
and psychology. I wanted to further my education to be able to be more
helpful and serving, I queried these professions and found no particular
emphasis on understanding the variety of cultures of the refugees and thus,
the variety of ways of helping via a holistic perspective. It is only
through Anthropology that I have been able to learn this and articulate to
other service providers the individualistic service required.

This is sort of a roundabout way of supporting Ms. Bock's statements. Yes,
there is definitea need for anthropologists in the 90's outside of
academia. There is a lot of 'misunderstanding' going on in our society and
anthropological training and theory can do much to educate and enlighten.

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