Adjuncts + part timers, etc

Fri, 9 Feb 1996 10:20:22 -0600

Wow. Thank you everyone who has been posting about this trend in tenure/non
tenured lecturers, etc. I'm shivering. I am an undergraduate student at
Carleton College, just about to graduate, I have my grad school apps in the
mail, and I read these things and worry. Lots. But I was wondering something

Mike Salovesh writes:
>We don't know how to prepare our students for
>anything but the career path we followed ourselves. In general, we still
>act as if the only job that counts for a "real" anthropologist is a
>professorship. It's no wonder that we imbue our students with the same
>attitude. But the kinds of jobs we have aren't out there in any great
>numbers. What do you do, then, if you have a fresh-minted Ph.D.?
>fewer than
>50% of employed anthropologists work in academia nowadays. I suppose
>that should lead us to expect that what we teach in academia would point
>toward careers in applied anthro more than anything else.

So I was wondering, where are these other 50%? I realize as I'm reading these
postings that I've been merrily going along figuring out that I adore
everything I've done so far in Anthropology, and that I very much want to do
work in the field while my only idea of the field is professors at various
universities. What are these other 50% doing? And what do you do if you're a
freshly-minted Ph.D. and don't want to get shafted? Are there any answers?

If this isn't exactly proper list material, I'm sorry, (but it is a bit more
relivent than the dog debate ;)
-Gretchen Johns