Re: Back

John Pastore (venture-out@MAIL.INTERACCES.COM.MX)
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 23:51:40 +0000

Hello Everybody,

I'm back on-line and knew my resubscription to Anthro-L was working
fine when the first three messages of three separate series popped up
on my screen from John McCreery.

Each of the three series looks like they will develop into trilogies
which will then expand expotentially into how many numbers of who
know's what.

Well, that's why I'm back --not so much to see who knows what rather
than what is going to become known to whom.

If my spelling remains erradic (irratic?) please know that it will
return to its constant error-prone self as soon as my invisible
tattoo heals.

Also, please note my new e-mail address above. You may bookmark or
filter it accordingly.

John Pastore
Hotel Parador
Av. Tulum, No. 26, SM, 5
Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mx