Re: unilinial evolution

Nick Corduan (nickc@DORITE.IQUEST.NET)
Fri, 14 Apr 1995 16:45:04 -0500

There is by no means a human-wide sentiment towards man being the first step
before God.

Native American religions, most specifically Pre-Columbian-based religion in
Peru (that with which I am most familiar) has absolutely no such conception,
at all. There is, in fact, very little tie between the gods and the humans.
Most of thse shamanistic/naturalistic religions are three-tiered -- including
different levels of *humans* even, without even taking into acount any
picture of God.

In these relgions, there are countless (to us) spirits and forces and
mediators between man and God. A shman recieves his power not by being
touched by God, but by being touched by lightning -- a minor god, a spirit,
if you will.


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