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I am aware that Poulianos can be difficult concerning the work done at
Petralona but if this is not some kind of joke with his name attached then it is
quite a strange development. I have heard nothing about all the evidence put
forward except, of course, the Petralona hominid who's date is possibly c. 350
ka. Although dating is problematic such an antiquity (700 ka) has never been
suggested. A few things pointing to the possibility of a hoax:

1. The bizarre and convoluted name of the hominid:

Archanthropus europaeuspetraloniensis

The hominid refered to is the Petralona hominid. This is usually thought to be
Homo heidelbergensis and looks similar to a large number of other hominids in
Africa and Europe none of which date to the alleged 700 ka (although Kabwe
may be 600 ka).

2. In addition the date of 11 Ma (for the Trillian valley) is claimed to have come
from palaeomagnetism which (if I'm not mistaken) cannot be done within the
cave itself due to the nature of the crystallisation of the calcium carbonate. See:

Latham, A.G. & Schwarcz, H.P. (1992) The Petralona hominid site:
Uranium-series re-analyses of 'Layer 10' calcite and associated
palaeomagnetic analyses. Archaeometry. 34. 135-40.

Unfortunatley Dr. Latham has just gone or I'd ask his opinion. I have e-mailed the
address to him and will relay his comments.

3. > Two craniums, an entire skeleton and a jaw-bone of the homonite, have
> been lost forever in the waters of Aegean, by the corrosion and because of
> the insensibility and bureaucracy of the Greek State, which never allowed their
> timely salvation.

This seems very convenient.

And a couple of trivial points that may have resulted from a bad translation:

4. I know its probably due to bad translation but what does the word
stromatoigraphy mean?

5. The misspelling of his name:

>The majority of the foundings are exposed in the Anthropological Museum of
>Petralona, built near the cave by Dr Poylianos.

Until I find out anything else,