Answer to requests re: Cosmolologies and City Plans

Sheldon Klein (sklein@CS.WISC.EDU)
Sat, 30 Sep 1995 13:02:29 -0500

I'm moved to write this because of several requests I've received
for copies of the publications I mentioned on this list recently.
I have two reactions:

1. If someone has the need to ask me for a copy of a paper
that appeared in CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY, I wonder if the
request is coming from someone whose background in anthropology
might make that person's subscription to this list inappropriate.
I would certainly except requests coming from reserchers
currently doing fieldwork in remote locatons, e.g., I would
cheerfully send requested items to a former student of my
Linguistics Field Methods course currently working in Northern
Papua New Guinea, using a solar powered Mac portable 150, and
who sends me airgrammes that first travel an surface route
to Port Moresby.

The paper in The Emergence of Modern Humans (edited by Paul Mellars)
is another matter. The 1st volume of the what was originally conceived
as a 2 volume set, The Human Revolution (edited by Paul Mellars
& Chris Stringer) has been more widely read and available, if only
because it is concerned more with evaluative general conclusions.
The second volume, in which my paper appears, is concerned with
data oriented studies. Unfortunately, the publishers seem not
to have paid any attention to my many corrections to their
versions of my original tables. I willingly distribute corrected

2. The Journal of Quantitative Anthropology items, representing a
continuation of a debate that began in CA 1988, require special
comment. The JQA is obscure, and hard to find. Even the
Haddon Library at Cambridge U. does not subscribe, nor did the
people I talked to there, a few months, ago know of its existence.
It was available, however, in the Cambridge University Library.

JQA is the only journal that actively welcomes full inclusion
of all mathematical formulas and data in published form. I know
of no other journal in anthropology with such a policy, although
it would be SOP in any hard science field.

My own library, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has recently
cancelled its subscription to JQA because of low usage estimates
based on barcoding of items left on desks in the periodicals room,
and documented requests. I could easily send offprints. But
would that help JQA survive? I would much rather that interested
persons on this list order copies of JQA items they want through
their own library services, so that there would be a documented
record of usage of the journal.

Prof. Sheldon Klein

Computer Sciences Dept. Linguistics Dept.
University of Wisconsin 1163 Van Hise
1210 W. Dayton St. University of Wisconsin
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