Forensic Anthropology--Student seeks advice!

Michael Bledsoe (BLEDSOE_MD@RSCC.CC.TN.US)
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 10:53:50 -0400

I am seeking any advice and or suggestions from anyone who would help me
generalize a plan for my studies toward a graduate degree in Anthropology
--specifically Forensic Anthropology.

First of all, I am an undergraduate student majoring in Anthropology.
The steps I have planned thus far are:
1)B.A. in Anthropology--emphasis in biological anthropology
2)M.A. in Anthropology--concentration in biological/skeletal anthropology
3)Ph.D. in Anthropology--concentration in biological/skeletal anthropology;
specialization in forensic anthropology
This is the general outline I have been able to construct using my limited
resources and lack of professional guidance. Of course, this plan assumes
that I would be accepted into a graduate program.

Any suggestions(ie:minors,courses,job outlooks,etc.), resources, or professionalcontacts would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for any multiple postings. I have only been lurking for a couple of weeks and this is my first posting.

If necessary, please forward this request to anyone who may have some suggestions.

Thank you in advance

Michael D. Bledsoe
<inflicted with a chronic planning disorder>