Re: three sisters

Juan C. Garelli (garelli@ATTACH.EDU.AR)
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 01:32:44 +0000

> The term "three sisters" is one of several colloquial terms (such as
> "tres
> Marias") used to designate the triad of subsistence staples used in the
> prehistoric and
> historic American southwest, maize, beans, and squash. I do not know the
> exact
> origin of the word

As a matter of fact, terms like "Three Sisters" or in its Spanish
rendering, "Tres Hermanas" and "Tres Marias" are deeply embedded in
the spirit of Spanish Ecclesiestical indoctrinating missions, whereby
all goods were tought of as a boon sent from Holy Heaven. The three
sisters touched upon refer to the three nuns of divine fortune which
helped humans survive. As for the "Tres Marias", they are related to
the three stars that form Centurion belt, which stood for a blessing
to sailors in times of the Conquest.

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