Re: Cosmologies and City Plans

John McCreery (JLM@TWICS.COM)
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 15:12:09 +0900

Sheldon Klein remaks,

"Do you have a brief set of references that cover the topics
associated with incorporations of cosmology and city plan?
I suspect that, more likely, your comments reflect a great
range of research and your personal synthesis."

"great range of research" is definitely going too far.

I shall have to do some digging to find the references. If you'd
like to beat me to them, they shouldn't be too hard to find. There's
a lot of stuff on China. One good place to begin might be the
_Religion and Ritual in Chinese Society_ volume edited by
Arthur Wolf, Stanford U. Press (1974?). A good general history of
Chinese art (Willis, for example) will probably have something to
say. Also, of course, the works of K.C.Chang. On Southeast Asia,
the particular references escape me. But Southeast Asian kingship
and its architectural expressions should be an easy thread to locate
in general works on regional ethnography, archeology, history,
art history, etc....Some of it gets m~rentioned by Clifford Geertz
in writing about the "theater state."

The post was indeed a personal synthesis of material read mostly during
the late '60s/early /70s and held in long-term storage ever since.
For more recent work of my own, you might have a look at "Negotiating
with Demons" in the Spring, 1995 issue of American Ethnologist;
"Why don't we see some real money here?" in Journal of Chinese Religions,
Vol. 18, or "Malnowski, Magic and Advertising" in John Sherry, ed.,
Contemporary Marketing and Consumer Behavior: An Anthropological
Sourcebook, Sage, 1995.

If you have some reprints handy of the pieces in your list, I'd be
glad to swap.

John McCreery