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Insinuations have been made about the Department of Anthropology's
involvement in a set of Hohokam human remains. For anyone interested,
here is some information on the matter.

Professor Van Gerven worked on a collection of Hohokam human remains
under contract with an independent archaeological firm named Soil
Systems, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The material was governed by a
proposal submitted by Soil Systems and approved by Native American
constituencies in Arizona. Every step of Van Gerven's analysis conformed
to the propocals of the proposal. The report on the human remains is a
matter of public record:

Dennis T. Van Gerven and Susan Guise Sheridan, eds.
1994 Bioethnography of a Classic Perid Hohokam Population. The
Pueblo Grande Project, Volume 6. Soil Systems Publications in
Archaeology, No. 20. Phoenix.

The human remains were returned to Soils Systems at the request of the
tribes. They have been repatriated and reburied.