South American policy on reasearch immigrants

Jason Grooms (CMS0242@UWF.BITNET)
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 16:58:01 CDT

To anyone with helpful info,
I am currently trying to find a way to travel to Brazil in order to
study Tamarins (Sub-species unimportant) in a natural environment. I have had
extensive experience in studying them in a captive setting and now I am trying
to expand my research to a broader, more acurate scope. I am an undergraduate
in my last year, so my options are limited. I would like to find a professor
or researcher that needs an assistant or would like the help of another opinion
I also need info on what the political regulations are on studies in a S.
America (Mostly Brazil). If you know of someone that is studying a similar
area and needs a research assistant, please send them my way. I take my
academic and scholastic goals very seriously and I would greatly apreciate some
help in achieving them. Sincerely,

Jason Grooms
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